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The essay scorer at ennis high school is a unique solution

A high school in Texas has chosen to use their own special essay scorer. That’s why there’s now an essay scorer for ennis high school in Texas. This essay grader helps a teacher and the essay scorer helps a student too. A lot of essay scorer are free and one can even find an essay grader online by just googling. But why is there now an essay scorer for ennis high school?

What has brought this essay scorer for ennis high school about? It can be possible that ennis high school wanted an paper grader for ennis school because they see the potential that an essay scorer for ennis high school has for their students and teachers a like. But ennis high school wanted their own article scorer because they needed to ensure that the essay grader works exactly for their needs. This is why ennis high school has created an paper grader that can be used online by both teachers and students. Teachers and students can access the essay scorer for ennis high school whenever they need to access it.

How students and teachers use the essay scorer at ennis high school

Students can use the essay scorer for ennis high school to get a preliminary idea as to how well their essay is written. Some students might even want to make a rational choice and see what kind of grade their essay would get with the paper grading. Because depending on what the essay scorer returns as a score they might want to rewrite their essay. Or as said they maybe want to evaluate if they even need to rewrite their essay or not.
Teachers can use the essay scorer for ennis high school to save their working time and grade essays automatically. This is where a lot of criticism for essay scorers sets in. Critics ask how can an essay scorer actually make a grade assessment in a fully automated way? Scoring multiple choice tests automatically is one thing and that is pretty accepted because a machine only needs to match one check mark against a next. But essay grading is different. Essays are all about presenting arguments in a creative and solid way. How on earth is it possible for a machine to do the same work as a human can? This question is tapping very much into the basic fear a lot of people have at the moment. A moment in which computers became much more advanced and the fear of being replaced by a machine is ever present. But this is pretty similar to the problem a lot of media has been facing and if we look there we can rest a bit easier and see that the situation may not be as bleak as we think. The first medium was print, when radio came everyone cried out that radio will replace print. It didn’t. After a few more years’ television came along. Everyone once again cried out that television will kill radio and print. As you guessed it, it didn’t. Essay scorers won’t make teachers obsolete but will just add to the available options and potentially save time.

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